Cannot logon (no cursor) in Welcome Screen



I cannot use the Welcome Screen to logon to my Windows XP Pro or Windows XP
Media Center computers. The Welcome Screen will not allow me to enter my
password (no cursor). I can CTRL-ALT-DEL to get to the old login screen and
login from there, but my wife want's to use the Welcome Screen.

I have searched the web high and low for an answer to this problem. A large
number of people all over the world have posted with exactly the same
problem, but NOBODY has come up with an answer.

I have installed a brand new copy of WinXP Pro on a fresh hard disk and
after using Windows Update to install all necessary patches, the problem
repeats itself. The fresh copy works ok, but sometime during the update, the
failures re-occur. Sometimes rebooting will fix the problem temporarily, but
it always returns.

Only way that I've found to fix is to turn off use of "Welcome Screen".

Cannot this be fixed ?? Does anybody from Microsoft ever monitor these
groups as this problem has been asked before on this forum?


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