Cannot lock desktop as this prevents remote access.



Server 2008, 64-bit.

Trying to apply our usual remote-management setup with VNC (TightVNC 13.10
specifically) and find that while remote control works when the console user
is logged-on, VNC access is lost if the desktop is locked.

This is something of a security issue as the server is in an accessible
location, and we want to lock the desktop when it's not being physically
monitored. But, we cannot do so without this causing trouble.

The problem does not arise with previous versions of Windows Server.

Anyone met this before and found a solution?


Just to update I've reproduced this behaviour on Windows 7 32-bit, and it
seems to be a common problem on all Vista-ish OS's.

I suspect it's due to a change in the way the logon/unlock screen operates
in these OS's, it must do something similar to the UAE screen (which is also
a source of trouble with remote access)

UAE can be turned off - and has to be - is there any policy or registry
value which will restore the standard desktop-locking behaviour?


Have you found a solution to this problem? I'm seeing the same issue with
Steam, and I can't seem to find any way to prevent Win 7 RC from locking the
desktop after some amount of time, even with that option turned off in the
Screen Saver control panel.

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