Cannot load OS after setting up the bitlocker



I've runned the preparation tool, it made the new partition, rebooted. Then
bitlocked asked me for usb drive to store the keys and encrypted my drive.
I've rebooted again and now I can't load my OS. Bootloader waits me to
instert the "correct" usb drive and allows me only to reboot or enter
recovery mode. When I reboot it still can't see my flash drive. If I enter
recovery and it asks me for usb drive with keys - it successfully finds and
reads it from me flash drive. The recovery report contains no errors but this:

"The computer hard disk is encrypted using Bitlocker Drive Encryption and
could not be unlocked".

What do I do now? How can I access my files?


What happens if you boot with the operating system CD disk installed?
Do you have the BIOS set to start the CD drive before the hard drive?
You should have backups of your files on another partition or hard drive.

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