Cannot insert Chart in Excel 2007 and all other Office 2007 applications


Hii Sing Chung

In Excel 2007, click on Insert, just click on any type of chart buttons,
nothing appears. Then click on the drop-down error on any of the chart
buttons, click All Chart Types, then click any of the chart type button on
the right, click OK, the error "Some chart types cannot be combined with
other chart types. Select a different chart type." Then go to any Office
application, such as Word or Powerpoint, Insert Chart, it gives the same

I Googled, quite a lot of people are experiencing the problem, some went to
the extend of deleting the userprofile and let Windows re-create the
userprofile. However, doing that also didn't solve my problem. I tried
accounts with and without administrative priviledges, problem still there.
So, the permission problem is not the cause.

The installation of Office 2007 is fresh (meaning not from upgrade of Office
2003). Uninstallation and re-installation didn't solve the problem.

Windows is Vista Business. Office 2007 is the only application installed, of
course apart from antivirus (Microsoft Forefront), Adobe Reader and the
utilities pre-installed with Lenovo notebooks.

The symptom is consistent - New user logs in > Start Excel > In the new
blank worksheet, Insert Chart, it works and that is the only time it works >
Exit Excel > Open Excel again > In the new blank worksheet, Insert Chart,
nothing happens, Insert All Chart Types > error "Some chart types cannot be
combined with other chart....". From then on, cannot do chart. Delete the
userprofile, log in again, same series of events - only the first time and
the only time using Excel, the chart works, after that no more. It happens
to all the users who login.

I first encountered this problem one year ago, only on a Lenovo notebook


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