Cannot initiate Remote Desktop session



Setup is a wired/wireless router. I'm attempting to open a
Remote Desktop connection to an XP pro machine (wired) from
a wireless HP laptop running Vista Home Premium.

When I try to connect, there is a pause of about 10 seconds
and the Vista machine reports that it cannot complete the
connection with a message that conveys nothing about why it

The strange part is that I have a second HP laptop of the
same model running the same software with all the same
updates applied etc etc... and that one connects without a
hitch. The user name and pw are the same on both, and match
the name/pw on the XP machine.

How can I debug this?




In article <e#[email protected]>,
(e-mail address removed) says...

The rejection is coming from the XP end. The firewall there
is configured to permit RDC, and the other, identical HP
laptop can connect to it just fine.


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