cannot import contacts



i have 1000 contacts and i am trying to import from excel and access. all
fields are imported except for the e-mail addresses!!!

pls help me! what could i be doing wrong? i have checked tha map custom
fields and it is ok.

Karl Timmermans

Left out a few key pieces of information:

#1 - What kind of email addresses are you importing i.e. SMTP
([email protected]) - or something else?

#2 - How are you determining that the email address is not being imported?
a) looking at the actual contact record for the fields you
explicitly mapped? or..
b) not seeing imported contacts in the address list? or .....

#3 - "........checked <map custom fields> and it is ok"

Nothing personal but when someone says they are having a problem but also
says something is "ok" - impossible to know/determine if that indeed is the
case. Would be far more helpful to explain exactly what it is that you
mapped and checked since no one can see what you're doing or using. There
are many variables at play like:
a) what email field(s) did you map to exactly?
b) type of email addresses being imported?
c) did you map a field to the "Email Address Type" field? Was it
valid? (in general - for SMTP addresses - should never map to this field
Outlook will auto-populate that field)
etc etc etc

The Outlook import wizard has no problems importing valid email address info
if there are no issues with the field mapping or the source data (leastwise
none that I've ever seen using any data file that has ever been sent to us
over the years). The "wildcards" here are 1) how/what you mapped 2) your
data either or both of which would apply given that this is occuring for
both Excel and Access data files.

A quick test you can do........
a) Create a new Access Table with 3 fields (FirstName, LastName,
b) create one record populating the 3 fields (ensuring EmailAddr
contains a valid email address value i.e. (e-mail address removed))
c) import and manually map the three fields to the corresponding Outlook
fields - Access EmailAddr to Outlook <Email Address>
d) does this work and if yes - what is different about the data you're
having problems with and the test file you just created?

(your Outlook version is?)

Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer 1.3 / DataPorter 2.0 / Exporter
"Power contact importers/exporters for MS Outlook '2000/2007"

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