cannot expand named range



I get this error message "Cannot expand named range" when I run a macro to
export a query to excel. The excel sheet has data from this query and is
meant to be over written each month. Here is the macro:

Action: TransferSpreadsheet
Action Arguments:
Transfer Type: Export
Spreadsheet type: Microsoft Excel 8-10
Table Name: qryUnion529DealerChangeOutput
File Name: Monthly Report Files.xls
Has Field Names: Yes

I have checked my spelling of the table name and file name, I have tried
changing the spreadsheet type, and I have tried to change the Has Field Names
to "No" without success. I ran this same action last month when I created it
with problem. Any insight will be welcomed. Thanks.



Ken Snell \(MVP\)

That error message suggests that the query is trying to write more data into
the spreadsheet (number of columns, number of rows) than the spreadsheet can

Although not directly related, see my article about the Range argument for
exporting. You're not using Range, but the article shows examples of how you
can get the error message that you're seeing.

Using the Range Argument of TransferSpreadsheet when Exporting Data to an

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