Cannot disable Add-In Classic Menu, Outlook won't load



I use Outlook 2007 SP1 under Vista. When I try to open Outlook I get this
error message:

"Outlook experieinced a serious prioblem with the 'addintools classic menu
for outlook' add-in. If you have seen this message multiple times, you should
disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available. Do you wish
to disable this add-in?" Yes or No.

"Yes" will sometimes work but I want to permanently disable the add-in. I go
to Tools, Trust Center, Add ins, Manage add-ins, GO. I highlight that add-in.
I cannot uncheck it. I click Remove. This birngs up an error message: "The
connected state of Office Add-Ins registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE cannot be

The COM Add-Ins screen says the ADDINT DLL loads at startup, but I don't see
it in the startup list at msconfig.

How to disable it?



Thanks Roady. I do want to uninstall the Add-In for the Classic Menu. I did
exactly what you said, but the Add-In does not respond to the Remove command.
I get the pop-up message that it cannot be changed because it it regestered
in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. (However, I removed other Add-Ins smoothly.)

Does this mean I have to go into the registry to change something?

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