Cannot delete word file



Using Word 2007. I have a .doc (old style) file that I have been editing and
it got caught in a quick power blip, but enough of one to cause my Windows
2007 system to reboot. Suprisingly Word 2007 recovered the text when I opened
the program. I immediately attempted to save the document but Word would not
do so and I was forced to save the document under a new name.

After exiting Word, I attempted to delete the old document, but that failed
with a message that the file was still open in Word. It was not. Even after a
reboot I was unable to delete the file never having opened Word in the

I found this reference in another posting
( but in Windows 7
there is no way to find the files as described there.

How can I delete the file? and... Please rewrite or update the above
reference for Windows 7




Additional information... When I save the file under a new name the read-only
attribute goes with new file and any edit forces a new file version.

If (outside of Word) I merely copy the file to a new file name the readonly
status is still set. Renaming the file has the same problem

So right now ever time I edit the file I have to create a new version to
save the file and every one of them is still readonly.

If one closes the file and looks at the file properties, the readonly flag
is NOT set. There must be some internal flag.

But none of the versions of the with the read only attribute can be deleted
as the delete function thinks that Word has the files open.

Please help - I'm desperate

AHA!!! I found a way to get rid of the read only and that was to copy the
file to my wife's XP machine and open and save-as under a new name. When
returned to the Windows 7 machine the readonly is gone!

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