Cannot Change Excel 2002 Options


David G. Hoch

I'm attempting to change the Default File Location in Excel 2002 under
I can change the setting and it remains until I close Excel and re-open it.
Once I've reopened Excel I find the Default File Location set back to what
it was before the recent change.

I've tested other settings under Tools\Options and they will not remain
after restarting Excel either.
At first I thought it might be something set by Group Policy, but it doesn't
appear to be the case for two reasons:
1) Group Policy would not re-apply immediately, it takes at least 20 minutes
to refresh
2) I've verified with Group Policy manager that there are no settings
configured that relate to Excel Options

Any thoughts on what might cause this would be greatly appreciated.

Gord Dibben

Perhaps you do not have permission to change the Registry.

Excel writes that default file location and some other the Registry.

Options written to this reg path.


Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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