Cannot burn mpeg or avi movie file via Nero, heeelp!



I am running Windows XP Home Edition and I recently purchased a Panasonic DV
Video Camera (DV-GS35EB).
I have managed to transfer the footage from the camera onto my PC via the
software that came with the camera, Motion DV Studio. This programme
converted the footage into an avi file. I have also downloaded the same
footage into Windows Movie Maker and have made a movie in a mpeg file.
Now, the problem I have is that I cannot burn either file onto a disc using
Nero - it keeps telling me the only files I can use for this function are:
bup, vop, or ifo!!??
And when I try to use Windows Media Player to burn the files an error occurs.
Can anyone help me? I am supposed to be filming my daughters school play
this afternoon and I would like to be able to give a ready to play DVD copy
to both sets of Grandparents at Christmas.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks

Graham Hughes

MM cannot make mpeg files when you only have XP home? Can you clarify the
file type. It's best when making your movie to stay with dv-avi file types
as this keeps the quality high.

When you make a dvd you need to author it. This mean you import the video
file into the programme, so in this case the dv-avi, and then make your
menu, chapters etc and get the programme to encode your mpeg file, which it
then authors into a vob file which a dvd player can read.

You need to have a version of nero that can do authoring and not just
burning to do this.

Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media


Nero has a wma plug in that you can download as far for windows media player.
You should probably try converting your moviesinto mpeg 4s or divx.
best of luck

Trevor L.

I have a GS35 and use Motion DV Studio to download. As you say, an avi file
(which is the best format by the way).

I have successfully converted this to DVD, but I have been using the
software that came with my DVD drive - Ulead DVD Movie Factory.
Can't you use Motion DV Studio to do the same job? I have a feeling that I
did use it once and it worked.

I understand the need to do it. I make videos of my grandaughter when she
visits and I convert it to DVD and send it to her mother (my daughter) so
that she can play it on her DVD player since she doesn't have the software
to play it on her PC.

If Motion DV Studio won't do the job, you may have to look at buying other
software that does the job. Another thing to think about is that sometimes
quite good software is available on PC magazine cover CD/DVDs (including
video software)

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