Can you recommend a 2D mpeg video acceleration card?




Can anyone recomend a good card which accelerates 2D mpeg video
playback, it does not need to have good 3d acceleration quality. A PCI
Slot or AGP slot would be ideal.

I am looking for smooth frame-rates and good video detail, the output
will be going to a video projector. Input files will most likely be
large avi or mpeg.

Many thanks in advance




many video cards offer some sort of mpeg playback assist _IF_ the playback
software uses the hardware.
ATI cards/chips were probably the first that were well known for this, but
there are certainly others.
Look at recent advances on XGI Volari (V3XT?) cards for multimedia playback,
where there is supposedly a full hardware decoder capability on an
inexpensive card. Otherwise, practically all ATI cards have significant MPEG
decoding assist using their media player.

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