Which TV out card do you recommend?

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Hi folks

Ok: I'm tired of watching HD bit torrents on a 17" screen. Seeing that
I'm upgrading to a decent ADSL 2 soon (24Mb/sec down), I thought I may
as well go the whole hog.

So, I'd like to watch Divx, Avi, Mpeg etc on my TV.

I was wondering if something like this would work, and if so, what
compnents you'd recommend.

Build or buy second PC (under $300), Blue tooth it to the main PC
(which streams the video, so as to avoid having to have family PC next
tv). Connect this second PC into TV via TV out card.

Questions 3:
1) How does that sound? I know blue tooth has a transfer limit of like
700kb/s, but surely that should be fast enough to stream data between
two PC's?

Also -

2) Which TV out card do you recommend for the job?

3) I really don't know much about S-video vs RCA output. Which gives
the better picture - and is it significantly better? My current TV has
RCA but no S-video. I suppose if I have to, I can buy a new TV, but it
you tell me the quality isn't that much different, that would be a

Thanks to anyone that can help and Happy New Year!




Whoops, sorry: should have made this clearer

What I was trying to say is: Can I use blue tooth to transfer the
monitor signal from PC 1 (family) to PC 2 (media), which then hooks
into the TV?

I realize transfer of files via blue tooth significant takes time. Eg:

350mb file transferred at roughly 1mb / second
= 350 seconds
=5.83 minutes

Maybe I have it ass backwards. Maybe there's some way I can just buy a
TV out card for the family PC, get some kind of RF transmitter, hook
that up to the PC, hook up a receiver to the TV and go from there.

Or, you know, make a nuclear bomb with matchsticks and double mint gum

(IOW: Help!)

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