Can you create custom Table Styles?



Hi, can you create a custom table style in PowerPoint 2007 so it will appear
in the Table Tools > Design Tab > Table Style list?

We want to have a pre-defined table style that matches our company's colors

Thanks, Dave

Echo S

Not really. The options there are based on a complex matrix of lines, fills
and effects in varying degrees of "subtle," "moderate," and "exciting." This
matrix also controls the options you see in the shape fills and lines
galleries, the chart galleries, and various other galleries. Getting it to
work for a specific table style usually screws up all the other galleries!

Your best bet for very stylized tables (which is what corporate branding
usually gives us) is to create a sample table or two and include that slide
as a sample slide for your users to build on.

John Wilson

As Echo says - "Not really" however if you can program XML and vba you can
add a chunk to the Table > Design Ribbon that runs code to format a table in
a house style. I've just written one for a client and if you would like to
run the "proof of concept" code it's here

The table format is trivial and there in no client info!

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Apr 24, 2014
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There is a way now, both to format it how you want and to have it appear in the Table Styles lists but you need extra software to do it. Google Avopress Designer.
Feb 9, 2021
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Avopress Designer no longer seems to be available, which is a shame as it looks as though it might have been quite useful.

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