Can see sometimes Can NOT see sometimes



I have Subnet A and Subnet B conected over VPN. Subnet A
has WINS server on it.

When I explore network neighbourhood then somtimes I can
see all the computers on both the subnets. Sometimes
computers only on subnet A and sometimes only the
computers on Subnet B.

I am on Subnet A. Ping etc is fine. Network is windows
2000. No DHCP, both subnets are static IP.

Steven L Umbach

The maintenance of the browse list used by My Network Places is broadcast based which
will not normally work across a router. You really need to have a wins server on each
subnet, that are replication partners to each other. If a wins server or the master
browser is multihomed, that can also cause problems with the browse list. Master
browsers are typically domain controllers with the pdc fsmo being the domain master
browser. If not in a domain, the pecking order is based on the newness and edition of
the operating system with server editions having more weight in an browser election
than regular Windows 2000 Pro for example. XP Pro has know to be aggressive at trying
to become the master browser on networks where servers exists which can cause
disruptions in the browse list. You can look in the wins database to see what
computers are master browsers and also on a computer via nbtstat -n. See the link
below for more information. -- Steve;EN-US;188305;en-us;150800 -- lmhosts files may
be another option.

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