Can print but not preview report


TJ Dowling

I have designed a report that the client can print but not preview on his
computer (HP). Other workers in the same office can both print and preview
the report on their computers (HP). I can both print and preview the same
report on my computer (Acer).

What should I look for to fix his computer so that he can preview the
reports? His company uses Access 2000.


Tom van Stiphout

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 22:54:28 -0700, TJ Dowling

I am assuming he cannot preview ANY report, not even in a sample
application like Northwind.

Make sure he is on the latest service packs of Windows and Office and
Jet. Also on the latest printer drivers.
After that, rebuilding the machine may be quicker than trying to find
out what's wrong.

Microsoft Access MVP

TJ Dowling

I'm not able to look at his machine as he is overseas. He has submitted a
ticket for his IT dept to look at it but he has his doubts about them.
Thanks for the tips.

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