Can not import an dynamic disk


Pham Quoc Tri

I have 2 hard disks with 30Gb of each. One disk is
Primary Master (PM) and the other is Secondary Master
(SM). PM is partitioned into 2 partition: 8GB - installed
W2k Advanced and 20GB - save important data. SM is
partitioned as same as PM. Whenever I want to reinstall
W2k I unplug SM from computer, then I delete all
partition on PM and install a clean W2k. After completing
installation I attach SM to computer then import SM into
the system (before imported, SM is shown by W2K as
Foreign Dynamic Disk) and final I do mirror action
between the 2 disks. I used did this serveral times and
allways succeed. But at this time I can't succeed. When I
import SM, it report this message:
"Disk group has no valid cofiguration copies"
Now all data I need is on SM but it can't be read out.
Someone who experience the problem, plz help me.

Ralph Farmer [MSFT}

You should call and open an incident for this issue.
The issue is probably because of one of the following issues:
- The diskset IDs in the Logical Disk Manager (LDM) header (or headers)

of the disk (or disks) that show Dynamic Foreign or Dynamic Offline do

not match either their own Group records' diskset ID, nor do they match

the Diskset ID or New Diskset ID attribute of the Healthy Dynamic

disks' LDM headers.

- When a dynamic disk is detached, Disk Management reassigns diskset

IDs in the LDM databases of the surviving dynamic disks that remain

accessible. This is done by changing the diskset ID in the Group record

and LDM headers in the LDM databases of all accessible dynamic disks.

This behavior is by design. However, if the timing is such that this

behavior occurs multiple times in a short period of time, the diskset

IDs can get out of synch by not matching each other, which leads to the

behavior described in the "Symptoms" section of this article.

- The LDM database is corrupted and has an Invalid Magic Number.

This will require in-depth troubleshooting to resolve.

Ralph [MSFT]

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