Can not add users to resources from other forest/domain



I have two windows 2003 forests - we have created a transitive forest trust
between the two Forest. There is only one domain in each forest. The domains
are windows 2003 functional level and the forests are at 2003 functional
level. We are having problems in one of the domains. When you are on a member
server in one domain and want to add someone to the permissions on a folder
from the other domain - the other domain is not in the list so you can not
add anyone from the other domain. If I go to a DC in the problem domain then
both domains show up when trying to add permissions to folder - just when on
a member server in the problem domain when trying to add users from the other
domain to a folder is the other domain not visible. Before we setup the
forest trust we had an external trust and gave users permissions to resources
in the problem domain. These users from the other domain still show in the
permissions and the users can access these resources- we just can't add
anyone from the other domain anymore. All domains show up in the logon box
and you can logon to the member server in the problem domain with an account
from the other domain.

Any Ideas?

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