Can not access .CHM files across the network


Manoj R

Problem Description:

We have our Application client installed onto a network drive and various
workstations at respective local machines. All the workstation uses the
executables across the network. The help files .CHM files are also at network
drive. But, workstations are not able to access the .CHM files across the

Workaround tried:

At workstation, we tried modifying the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HTMLHelp\1.x\ItssRestrictions registry
entry to enable a specific security zone. The above workaround resolved the


All workstation don’t have admin rights to modify the Registry entries.

Is there any way to enable accessing .CHM files across the network.

-Manoj R

Richard G. Harper

Move the CHM files to the local drive or globally set the desired
restriction at login.

Manoj R


Thanks for your help. But, moving the CHM files to the local drive is not
feasible as workstations need to open each CHM file individually.

Please explain in detail " How the desired restriction at login can be set

Thanks in anticipation.

Richard G. Harper

If you have a domain, you can set the required change to run at logon as
part of a logon script; otherwise you'd need to set it to run before logon,
probably using the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run
registry key to load the edit you need.

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