Can I use the .wmv file MM saved...



PLEASE tell me if I would be able to use the .wmv file I did get 2/3 way through and then add the last third of my stills to it?(or will it confuse MM and not let me add any photos to that portion of the timeline that did not save the photos? That would probably take the least amount of time for my
situation? Is this making sense? I just want a CD to give to my Family.

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I've been having the same trouble and cannot get the movie maker to save my entire movie. It's only about 200MB 22 min long but only saves approx 2/3 then freezes. Plays in project status fine. Tried saving as DV-AVI says it will take 9856743 minutes to complete?? I've worked on this movie endless hours to finish for my Grandma's funeral. Had to take my computer to the funeral home and play the flipping thing in the project status. I Have all the latest and greatest but still can't get Movie Maker to save my entireMovie

I have a movie with 300 still photos and 4 music tracks. I use different transitions between each photo. My movie renders fine in project status (takes about 22 mins). During playback the video stops playing and either turns to a black screen or freezes on the photo, however, the audio plays to the end. This occurs about 1/2 to 2/3 into a 22 minute movie. I've gone in and deleted the photo where the movie stops and I've also deleted transition/effects. Each time I re-render the movie it stops during playback at a slightly different point, on a different photo, however, I have been able to get it further with the 'BEST QUALITY' bullet option for play back on my comp(to the 2/3 point). I tried the suggested fix (lowering the acceleration to level 3) with no change in result. In fact I've now rendered this movie 7 different times using each of the hardware acceleration settings each with the same result. My sense is that this problem is unrelated to the hardware acceleration feature. I've tried increasing my paging file limit and I've tried defragmenting ... still no worky. I'm at a complete loss as to what to try next. I have a few Title Overlays and upon re-rendering I get the same result. I've tried saving my movie to new directories with no luck

I have a Dell Pent 4 with 1 gig of memory, a 1.6 MGhz processor and a 40 gig hard-drive. I'm running Windows XP Home and MM.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Step

PS All of the files imported to collections are .jpeg and .wma files. Was wondering if I have to go back and possibly save the movie in thirds and then tie it all back together as suggested, this will take a lot of time if I don't want to mess up the timeline transitions etc. In my case, would it be possible to separate the audio from the video portion, make those separate, and then tie audio/video back together? Or do you think it still won't save entire video portion even without audio?

Oliver Colle [MS]

There is a known issue when dealing with at least 100 JPGs on the timeline.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, and are working on fixing this issue. In
the mean time, I would recommend splitting your project into few pieces.
For instance, if you have 150 pictures, create a project with 75 (or 70-80),
then save your movie to a WMV file. Create a new project, put the remaining
picture and save it to a WMV file. Finally, import these 2 WMV files into a
new project, and add some background music, or narration, and save your
movie again.

Olivier [MS]

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