Can I suspend USB power when my machine goes into standby?



My Gateway 901x doesn't have the most space around it, it tends to get
warm, too warm. I bought a couple of external fans that plug directly
into USB for power and they cool my computer like a treat. When I put
the system into standby (S3) I was surprised to find the fans still
happily running. Hmm.

I looked in power options, nothing.
I tried turning off all devices ability to wake from standby (USB
keyboard and mouse) didn't help.
I looked in the BIOS, nothing apparent there.

Can anyone give me any ideas of how to make the fans come on and off as

the computer goes into and out of standby. I think that basically means

somehow turning the USB power on and off.

Anyone got any ideas?






Bo Stig Christensen

Well, what if one doesn't have this fan? Not all USB Hubs has this
option in Windows.

Is there another way to control the power of a USB-plug?

Anything would help. Somewhere in the Windows API maybe?

I have been googling and turning around every stone on the web and
outside my house.... and nothing.


NB: It would be nice to be able to control exactly when to shut down the
power (be it a menu or programmatically).

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