can i set a preference so files always open to my preferred zoom




i am tired of the files opening at zoom 167% - it is so annoying to
constantly have to reset the zoom so i can make out what i am looking at.

also, is there a clear way to get a file to really really save the zoom
setting in close it in. it seems like it is whimisical whether or not the
zoom settings are truly saved at my preferred zoom.

i swear i am methodical at my closing out a file and saving it properly,
only to have it re-open at 167% zoom.

(my preferred zoom percentage is 'full page view'.)

i hope someone can help me set a user preference of somesort. (i have the
same problem with .pdf's, until this morning i found you can hit File >
Preferences and select 'always open at full page view' - yiha)

thank you


The following may be of assistance to you.

Click on Start (lower left hand corner)

Control Panel

Ease of Access

Click on:-

Optimize visual display

In the next screen that appears there is a:-

Turn on Magnifier

- tick box.

Place a tick in the box then hit Apply (be patient at this point because it
may take a few minutes).

A Magnifying tool should then appear on the screen.

To turn it off simply go to the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen and hit
the X in the top right hand corner of the Magnifier window.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.


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