Can I save my desktop icon positions?



I run Windows Vista Ultimate. Every time I change my monitor configuration
(pretty much disabling my second monitor in a way that doesn't involve the
display settings window) my icons shift around. In the first place, I have
them placed around a picture that's in the middle of my desktop so they're
all over the sides of my desktop. They always go to a different place - it's
not the default where they're all in columns on the left side but it's like a
jumbled up mess. Any way, is it possible for me to save my icons' positions
so that if this happens I can just click a few things (the fewer the better)
and it'll be back to normal? Thanks

Ronnie Vernon MVP

Have you tried UltraMon? This has an option to easily save/restore the
desktop icons when using multiple monitors.


Is there any way I can either have a non-fully fuctional trial which doesn't
expire or basically something that I don't have to keep downloading every
month or so?


I use the WinTidy 2 published by PC Magazine.,4149,17748,00.asp To download from them,
there's a $15 annual subscription (gets you access to all their utils), and
it may available for a smaller one time cost. It's not supposed to be
redistributed, but you may find it downloadable on a few websites (google

You can store layouts for any number of resolutions, even alternate named
sets for a given resolution. Sometimes you have to hit the Restore command
several times to get all the icons in place when new icons are found on the
desktop (this is an issue since XP SP2, but minor)

(Don't confuse this with another app called WinTidy that is a disk space
recovery tool)



I have the same exact problems with my desktop icons, only I don't use dual
monitors, I just have a laptop. Sometimes they will stay in place for 2 or 3
reboots and then - Boom! - they have scattered all over the desktop again.
It is very frustrating and time consuming to have this happening constantly.

Jerry Hughes

Using Google, find and install ICONOID. It's is free and will do
exactly what you want.


Thanks! I have downloaded the program and will try it. I also found another
program called IconPositionSaver. Neither one is listed as VISTA compatible
but I will try it anyway, don't have anything except a lot of frustration to

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