Can I map a network drive with diff tcp port?



Hello all,

To put a long story short, I am trying to tunnel an smb session
through ssh tunnel.

The tunnel works like this

+------+ SSH +--------+ SMB (139) +--------+
|client|<--->|firewall|<--------->|file srv|
+------+ +--------+ +--------+

1. The client listens to tcp port 2255 (it can be any port)
2. When connection is made to that port, the packets are forwarded to
the firewall on secure ssh tunnel (encrypted and authenticated)
3. The firewall makes normal connection to the file server, on behalf
of the client.

The problem is with "net use", I can't change the port it uses to
connect to the server (which is, in my case, the client it self).
Any idea's ?


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