Can I manipulate my report group header with VBA?



Hi All

I have a report that runs nicely.

I want to give my users the option of grouping the report.

I would like to use the same report object for both to ease

Therefore I would like to be able to tell my report via VBA to group
and display a preconfigured group header when this option is selected.
Otherwise I want no grouping and no group header to be displayed.

Is this possible?

Cheers for any ideas,

Graham Mandeno

Hi Chrisso

You can't add group levels or header/footer sections at run-time without
opening the report in design view.

However, you can change all the properties of an existing GroupLevel object
(including ControlSource - the field being grouped or sorted) in the
Report_Open event procedure, as well as making header and footer sections
visible or invisible as required.

So, the trick is to create as many group levels as you might possibly
require, and give them headers and/or footers if they might possibly be
needed. For each section with "variable requirement", set the ControlSource
(Field/Expression column) to =1, and make the header and/or footer

Then, in Report_Open, you can then manipulate the existing objects as
required. For example:

If ...... Then
Me.GroupLevel(0).ControlSource = "MySortField"
Me.GroupLevel(0).SortOrder = True ' descending
Me.Section(5).Visible = True ' make the header visible
Me.Section(6).Visible = True ' make the footer visible
End If

Note that the header for GroupLevel(n) is Me.Section(n*2+5)
and the footer is Me.Section(n*2+6), where n starts from 0.

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