Can I get Compressed Folder Viewer to work on other file extensions?


Rick Brandt

By default WinXP will use its compressed folder viewer on folders that were
compressed with XP or any file with an extension of "zip". I am wondering
if I can also use it on zipped files with other extensions (jar, tar, war,

I don't want to make to make this the default association, but it would be
nice to use the "Open with" feature on these files without first having to
rename them. The problem is that "Compressed ( zipped) folder" is only
offered as a choice if the extension is "zip" and if I choose "Browse" I
have no idea what executable to point to (or if WinXP even uses an exe for

Anyone know how to do this? I understand that I could install a separate
zip viewer to do this, but would like to use what is built in if possible.


Rick Brandt

Anando said:
Hello Rick,

Windows XP can only handle .ZIP files. To uncompress other types of
compressed files like .RAR .TAR etc, you will have to use a third
party program like WinZIP or WinRAR.

Well it actually does do Jar and War files because I have used it on them.
I just have to change the file extension first. I was just hoping to be
able to eliminate that requirement.

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