Can I force installation of a daily planner?

Apr 18, 2017
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Hey everybody,
I've been using the Amaze Daily Planner since my wife gave it to me for an anniversary present in 1993. I love it and have been moving it from Win3.1 to Win95 to Win2K to WinXP. Now it won't install on Win10 and i am devastated. I've got 24 years of DP files with lots of history and I dread the day my last XP machine dies. I have looked at other calendaring products and all are crap compared to the Daily Planner. I have written Symantec a snail mail letter asking them to resurrect the Daily Planner as there was no way to get through to them via email or phone. That was two weeks ago and no reply. Symantec bought Delrina and killed the planner, curse them! I have been online today to a Dell tech support person for a bug introduced with MS's latest Win10 update. While waiting for another update to fix the last "fix" we discussed the daily planner not working on Win10 and he found this forum for me to investigate a fix. Please somebody help me get the DP to work on Win10. He said Win10 is a whole different architecture from XP and preceding and there may not be any way to make it work. Help please!!!

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