Can access work with multiple FX rates?



I have to produce a monthly report that uses employees data. The yearly
salary will be in local currency and I will need to create a query (and a
report) to divide the salary by 12 so I get the monthly gross salary and each
month I will need that monthly figure to be calculated in USD. But the FX
will change on a monthly basis (but the past months will stay the same). can
access do that if I have a table with the FX rates by market and month? Every
month I will update the FX rates and will need the monthly figures to
re-calculate. THANK YOU!



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

There are 2 methods of handling history. The preferred method is to store
the elements of the historical calculation and recalculate in a query. The
other method is to store the results of the calculation and subsequently
query those. Storing the elements also allows other calculations based upon
those elements and more closely follows database relational set theory and
normalization rules.

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