Callback Function


George Pryhuber

I created a from that I want to display all the databases
reports via a callback function.
I reviewed the procedure shown in the Solutions db but
need help with it.
Would you be able to correct the following code so it
would display the databases reports.

Function Reports_Fill(ctl As Control, lngID As Long,
lngRow As Long, lngCol As Long, intCode As Integer) As
Dim frm As Form_Reports

'Error if Form_Reports form isn't open.
Const conFormNotOpen = 2450

On Error GoTo Fill_Error

Select Case intCode
Case acLBInitialize 'Initialize the listbox.
Set colForm_Reports =
lstForms_Fill = True

Case acLBOpen 'Open.
Reports_Fill = Timer

Case acLBGetRowCount 'Get the number of
Reports_Fill = colForm_Reports.Count

Case acLBGetColumnCount 'Get the number of
Reports_Fill = 1

Case acLBGetColumnWidth 'Get the column width.
Reports_Fill = -1 'Use the default width.

Case acLBGetValue 'Get the data.
Set frm = colForm_Reports(lngRow + 1)
Reports_Fill = [Reports]

End Select
Exit Function

Thank you,

George Pryhuber



Allen Browne

The callback functions are message and slow.

This query works in all versions of Access:
SELECT [Name] FROM MsysObjects
WHERE (([Type] = -32764) AND ([Name] Not Like "~*") AND ([Name] Not Like
ORDER BY [Name];

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