Populate multi-column combobox via callback function




I am trying to populate a multicolumn combobox (Access 2000) using a
callback function (see code below). The code seems to run ok, but I do
not get any values in my combobox. This works fine if I only use a one
dimensional array.

What am I missing here? I cannot find any examples on doing this.



====== Code begins =====
Function ListFillSystems(ctl As Control, _
varId As Variant, lngRow As Variant, lngCol As Variant, _
intCode As Variant) As Variant

Dim varRetval As Variant
Dim cntr As Integer
Const cols As Integer = 2

' Need to do something about this
Static sysRecord(100, cols - 1) As Variant

On Error GoTo HandleErr

Select Case intCode

Case acLBInitialize
' Could you initialize?
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

Set rs = getSystems("")

While Not rs.EOF
cntr = cntr + 1
sysRecord(cntr, 0) = rs!SYSTEM_NME
sysRecord(cntr, 1) = rs!SYSTEM_NME
'Format(rs!SYSTEM_EFF_DT, "yyyy/mm/dd")

varRetval = True

Case acLBOpen
' What's the unique identifier?
varRetval = Timer

Case acLBGetRowCount
lngRow = cntr
' How many rows are there to be?

Case acLBGetColumnCount
lngCol = cols
' How many columns are there to be?

Case acLBGetValue
'If lngRow < 10 Then
varRetval = sysRecord(lngRow, 0)
' varRetval = sysRecord(9)
' End If
' What's the value in each row/column to be?

Case acLBGetColumnWidth
varRetval = 2880
' How many twips wide should each column be?
' (optional)

Case acLBGetFormat
' What's the format for each column to be?
' (optional)

Case acLBEnd
' Just clean up, if necessary (optional, unless you use
' an array whose memory you want to release).

End Select
ListFillSystems = varRetval
Exit Function

Select Case Err.Number
Case 9
'Ignore subscript out of range
Resume Next
Case Else
MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description,
vbCritical, "Fill List Box Test"
End Select
Resume ExitHere

End Function

===== Code Ends ====



Graham Mandeno

Hi Ron

There are two problems I can see right off:
Dim cntr As Integer
Case acLBGetRowCount
lngRow = cntr

Your cntr variable will hold the correct number of rows after the
acLBInitialize pass, but when you get to the acLBGetRowCount pass it will be
re-Dim-ed to zero.

Change it to Static, and initialise it to zero in the acLBInitialize
Case acLBGetValue
varRetval = sysRecord(lngRow, 0)

This will return the first column value for every column. It should be:
varRetval = sysRecord(lngRow, lngCol)




Thanks for your help.
It worked (had to also change the sysRecord array from Variant to


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