Call to the function CreateFile() to create a file in an EFS encrypted directory.



I'am working on a backup/restore software, to backup and restore
encrypted files, I use the dedicated API (OpenEncryptedFileRaw,
My problem is to restore files not encrypted in a directory which has
the flag encrypted to ON.
I create my file with the system function CreateFile in a directory
with the encrypted flag to ON, and the file is automaticaly encrypted,
as it it say in documentation (
). So to decrypt the file, before writting any data in it, I have to
close the file with the CloseHandle() function, decrypt the file with
the DecryptFile() function and reopen it with the CreateFile()
I would prefer to be able to create the file not encrypted at the
first CreateFile() call, but I do not find any way to do it.
So is it possible ?

Note that the same thing appends using the CreateDirectory() function.

Thanks by advance.

Hilaire Verschuere.


Call CreateFile with FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM and remove the system attribute


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