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When I do a print preview of a monthly calender in outlook 2007 some of the
longer appointment subjects and appointment times don't appear. They also get
cutoff on the printout. I have no problems with this in outlook 2003 as
everything that appears in the calender view shows up in print preview and on
the printout.
It seems like if there is a way to make each of the day boxes wider in the
monthly style the whole appointment with the time will show, but I can't find
out where to do that. I've also tried the calender printing assistant for
outlook 2007 but that didn't help at all. I couldn't even find an option to
use the default outlook calender style.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Are you using landscape or portrait? Do you need to include weekends in the
See for utilities that
may do what you want - starting with the word templates.

The new pro-sp2 update that came out today
( has some calendar and printing
improvements in it but I'm not sure this problem is addressed. However, even
if you choose not to install this update you should install all updates that
are available on Microsoft update.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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