calculated sum in subform footer problem


Mary Fran

Hi! I would like to sum [Price]*[Qty] in the footer of my subform and the
problem is that [Price] is an unbound field with a Dlookup function in its
control source. (Actual source is:
[Item]),IIf([Type]="Hardware",DLookUp("[Price]","qryCurrentHardware","[HardwareID]=" & [Item]),DLookUp("[Price]","qryCurrentLabor","[Location]=" & [Item])))

Can someone tell me how to achieve this as sum([Price]*[Qty]) gives #Error.


well - no one else has replied in 3 days so I'll just point out that
sum([Price]*[Qty]) does not appear mathmatically possible....

you have a series of sums , each with a qty.... can't sum discrete fields

you need a Total per record.... i.e. Total=Price*Qty

and then Sum(Total)

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