C# WPF application: Is there a component or tool to create an inte



just like Visual Studio?

We need create a WPF application which is in C#. We want to our application
GUI look like the Visual Studio. It has the
-- Tree view like VS's Solution Explorer and Class View windows. It can be
hidden or floating.
-- Main window like the VS's editor window.
-- Error window like the VS's Debugger window.
-- Help window like the VS's help window.

We want know if WPF has some build in usercontols ( tree view user control?
) that we can use to build our application or is there a third party tool
that can be used to build Visual Studio look like GUI?

Thanks for any help,

Alvin Bruney [ASP.NET MVP]

The WPF control suite is handicapped at the moment. However, you can look at
some 3rd party vendors to see what they have - component1, infragistics.
Performance may be an issue so make sure to POC.


Alvin Bruney [MVP ASP.NET]

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