C: drive in "Unplug or eject hardware"



This is more of an annoyance than an actual problem. I recently built
a new system with a SATA hard drive as the primary drive. There is no
IDE hard drive on this system.

The annoyance is that this hard drive is showing up in the "Unplug or
eject hardware" popup menu in the system tray. I'm guessing that it's
probably not a good idea to "unplug or eject" the hard drive from
which the OS is running, so why would this even be an option?

I can prevent the "Unplug or eject hardware" icon from appearing in
the system tray altogether, but I do use this sometimes to disconnect
portable USB drives so I'd rather not do that.

From my experience using this feature on laptops, I have found that
it's quite possible to choose the wrong device from this popup menu if
in a hurry, so it would be great if someone could suggest a way for me
to prevent my hard drive from appearing there.


I apologize if this message appears more than once. When I first
submitted it I received the following message:

"Sorry, a system error has occurred. Our engineers have been
Oct 19, 2005
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Still waiting for an answer on this one.

It seems that a Sata system drive is the standard for about 40 Laptops I have to Rollout in the next couple of months. My user's are pretty good but wont like extra crap floating around their system tray.

I mean you can't actually remove as it's in use but that's not the point, M$ should know better than to leave the gap open.

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