buying a new pc

May 19, 2008
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Hi all u ppl that know much more about pc`s than me :)
Buying a new rig for age of conan, but its been a while since i bought and my pc knowledge is outdated! :p
So ive pieced togehter a pc from the site "".
My main concern is buying something i really dont need or something that will only create bottlenecks/unstability etc.
Im aware that vista 32 bit wont use all 4 gb of ram. Im really unsure about SLI compared to single card, is it worth the buck??


-Cooler Master Cosmos Silver m/850w PSU, 2x12cm Fans, Aluminum
-Asus P5N-D, nForce-750i SLI, Socket-775, ATX,Firewire,GbLAN,DDR2, 2xPCI-Ex(2.0)1
-ntel Core™ 2 Quad Q9300 2.5GHz Socket LGA775, 6MB, 1333MHz, BOXED w/fan
-Crucial DDR2 PC6400 4096MB CL6, Kit w/two matched DDR2 PC6400 2GB CL6
-XFX GeForce 8800GTX 600M 768MB XT GDDR3 ,PCI-Express,2xDVI/HDTV/HDCP,600/1900Mhz (SLI)
-Asetek LCLC CPU/GPU Liquid Cooling, Sealed 12V, 8800GTX/Ultra only
-Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA 16MB 10000RPM
-Western Digital Caviar GP 500GB SATA2, 16MB 7200RPM
-USB2 multicardreader 3.5" black for CF I/II,SM,MMC/SD/microSD,MS,xD (bulk)
-Samsung DVD-burner SH-S202J IDE Black OEM
-Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit
Jan 4, 2003
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Just quickly cos its late

it seems like a nice system, however i'm not sure you need to go for 2 cards!!

have a look at this one for example (save yourself £200)($400)??

watch your PSU aswell i would go for something with a little more ooomph running a system like that so your a little more future proof for more Harddrives and alike

You dont say where you are...Buck suggests US so a little more searchign might be in order for that card. Of course its only an example and the XFX cards are good. I have two in SLI and i dont really gain any benefit at presnt albeit they are the older 6800GS's. Still i do regret buying them now...

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