Button to Collect Data from Outlook



Can anyone help me add a command button to a form that will enable the user
to send an html form to email recipients who will update the form, send it
back, and the data will automatically be processed by Outlook and
incorporated into the Access database? I understand how to accomplish this
in Access by opening a table > external data > collect data > create email.
However, I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!



I'm not aware of any way that Outlook can update an Access database.
Well there may be, but it would require some complex coding in Outlook and
this is not an Outlook forum.
What exactly are you trying to achieve? There is possibly a better way to do
-- Dorian
"Give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they
eat for a lifetime".


Thanks for your reply Dorian. Outlook can update data in Access 2007. It's
called the "Collect data through e-mail messages Wizard." You can also go to
the help menu and run a search on "collect data." Like I mentioned in my
original post, I've made it to that step already. What I want to do now is
to create a form with a command button that when pressed by the user will
open an applicatoin (Outlook) with the html form included. The user clicks
send and off we go....

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