Building new P4 system - won't power on


Charles Slater

Putting together a new Pentium 4, with Intel D865PERL motherboard and
Intel 2.8C, both retail. Case is Antec Sonata with 380W power supply.
I put in a minimal configuration, i.e. MB, CPU & fan, memory, video,
and hard drive. turned it on, indicator light is green on MB, but no
activity from fans. I pulled everything out except for CPU & fan.
Still nothing. I do have both power connections into MB, i.e. 20-pin
and 4-pin, and CPU fan power into MB. I was able to test power supply
and it's okay.
Could anyone please help me. What is the minimum that has to be
connected to at least get the fans to turn, so I know they're getting
I'm quite certain that power connectors are in correctly, and the case
is set for 115V.
I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure this one out. Thanks in




Sounds like you might just have the pins reversed from the case front power
button into the MOBO. Try switching them around before you try anything



Identify the two motherboard pins that turn on the PC, make sure you are
correct, then short them with a screwdriver or something. You may have a
bad power switch that is causing you the problem and this will tell you if
that is the case.


Chuck Stevens

I had this happen to me twice. It turned out my CPU wasnt seated all the
way. i noticed you said you didnt reseat the CPU. Do it. Even though its a
Ziff socket. Try again. My MSI NEO2 came to life after reseating the CPU.



David Beach

My money is on the reset signal as the problem. I had the same type of
problem with a DFI mobo. The tech manual was minimal and tech support was on
holiday, so I returned the board as defective. The repacement board has the
same issue, which I finally understood by getting around to connecting the
reset signal button. As with your problem, I only got an indicator lit on
the mobo and no fan turns. Good luck!

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