Build fails when using File Based Write Filter from 2007 featurepack CTP




I'm trying to build an image with the new file-based write filter, and
every time I try to build, it fails with the following:

Building: "File Based Write Filter [Version 5.1.2600.3300, R3300]"...
Error 1004: Invalid resource: "FBA DLL/COM Registration": (Error 6
(0x6) in "Microsoft VBScript runtime error": Overflow)
Building: "Local Security Authority Subsystem (LSASS) [Version
5.1.2600.3300, R3300]"...
An internal error occurred while building the run-time image.
Code = 0x800a0006
Description = Overflow

I've already tried re-installing XPe from scratch, to no avail. Any ideas?




Andy Allred [MS]

Please file a bug at the msconnect site, we would also need the SLX that
repro's this to be zipped and attached to the bug. In the bug report tell us
which config ui settings you've checked or unchecked so we can try to repro
in case we have problems with the SLX.

thank you


Check out the Embedded team blog:

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