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I recently built a database that houses my genealogy back 13 generations. I
have a table that contains all personal info and a table that contains
"events" (birth, death, etc). The event table is linked to the personal
table via a whoID. I would like to build a calendar like feature in my
database. I would like it to look like a calendar. I do not want my
calendar restrained by year. I would like the calendar to display a month,
say January, and display the name, event, and year for each person that may
have an occurence on any given day. For example, if Jim, Jane and John were
all born January 1 I would like to see them all listed in the "box" for
January 1. All three would include their year of birth. Any suggestions on
how to build this form/report would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Allen Browne

Create a query.

Type an expression like this into a fresh column in the Field row:
TheMonth: Month([EventDate])
substituting your field name for EventDate.

In the next column:
TheDay: Day([EventDate])
This query will allow you to group events by month and day, regardless of
the year.

If you want to create a calendar-like report, you will need to generate a
record for every date in the year. You can't use your table of events for
this, as there's no guarantee that you will have an event for each day of
the year, so you will need a table with a Number field, and 366 records (the
numbers 0 to 365.) If you called this field CountID, you can then create a
query and generate a record for every date by typing this expression into
the Field row:
DateSerial(Year(Date()),1,1) + [CountID]

When you get to the report, Duane Hookom has some example of how to do
calendar reports here:

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