BUG: Outlook 2007, IMAP and Read Receipts



I use Outlook 2003 with IMAP accounts on my laptop and other machines
without problem.

However, on a few test machines running Outlook 2007 (one running XP
Pro SP2, one running Vista Business) I have found the following steps
always result in a read receipt being sent (even when I have turned
them off in the settings).

1. Send an email to one of my IMAP accounts, and mark that email to
request a read receipt.
2. Open Outlook 2007 and let it download that email.
3. Close Outlook 2007.
4. Open Outlook 2003 on another PC and delete and purge the received
5. Open Outlook 2007 again - it will send the delete receipt notice.

This seems to be a bug in how Outlook 2007 is processing its cached
folders - it sees that the message has disappeared, so it sends off
the "deleted" receipt notice without observing the settings which tell
it to not send the receipt.

Similar behavior occurs if my Outlook 2007 settings tell it to prompt
before sending the receipt - it simply sends the notice without

Is there some official place I can submit this as a bug report? I
would love to install Office 2007 on my laptop, but this bug is a show-
stopper. Plus the issue with the Favorite folders never showing the
correct number of unread messages is just terrible. Common people -
lets not break basic functionality between versions.



I'd discovered the same problems when I used OL 2007 - but today I saw the
same problem with OL 2003. So I'd extended my search to other versions of
Outlook - and I've found similar problems since OL2003 reported in 2005...
It seems that Microsoft issn't really interested in bugfixing IMAP problems

Have you found a work around for this problem (without changing the mail
client) ?

Somebody else here who can help ?

Thanks in advance...


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