Bug in Word 2007 list numbering when modifying?



In Word 2007, I have set up list numbering using the traditional (Word
97-2003) method of tying the numbers into paragraph styles. Works great
except that whenever I modify the definition via Multilevel List --> Define
New Multilevel List, the numbered paragraph where my cursor is located
restarts numbering at #1. If I modify the List from the first numbered
paragraph at the top of the list, the 2nd paragraph restarts numbering at 1,
so I have two #1 paragraphs. When this happens, I can remove direct
formatting (with Ctrl+Q) from the misnumbered paragraph and the numbering is
fixed, but I am rolling this out for a client and am wondering if it's
possible to get this to work properly without the extra step.



Stefan Blom

I can confirm this behavior. You've already found one work-around: resetting
the paragraph to style via Ctrl+Q.

The other work-around is to set up numbering with a list style *and* link
the numbering levels of the list style to paragraph styles. Then you can
modify the numbering by modifying the list style, which is a bit safer than
accessing the list via the selected numbered paragraph.

List styles, once created (the same way you create other styles in Word),
will appear under the "List Styles" heading at Home tab | Multilevel List.
To modify a list style, right-click it and choose Modify from the context
menu. The Modify Style dialog box is displayed. To modify the numbering,
click Format, Numbering. This displays the Modify Multilevel List dialog
box, which is identical to the Define New Multilevel List dialog; it allows
you to attach styles, change the font of the number, etc.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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