BT to Deploy IPv6 Across Entire Network by December 2016


Jan 31, 2005
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"The first hints that something significant was about to happen surfaced in July 2015 (here) and now BT’s Consumer division has just confirmed that they intend to deploy the Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) Internet addressing standard across their entire network by December 2016.

The telecoms and Internet giant has long spoken of being “committed to the development and support of IPv6 on our networks and services“, adding that they have a related “programme of investment in our network and systems over the next few years“, yet until recently nobody was quite sure when BT would actually get around to implementing it across their entire network.

All that uncertainty has now changed after the operator informed the 2nd UK IPv6 Council Meeting in London today of their plans, which will see the “new” Internet addressing standard deployed to 50% of their national network in the United Kingdom by April 2016 and then 100% by December 2016. The deployment will officially get underway this year with a very “gentle start“.

Customers with one of BT’s latest HomeHub 5 broadband routers will be the first to get the service and the ISP is also looking at an upgrade for their existing HomeHub 4, but those with older hardware may be out of luck. The following is a slide from today’s announcement."



Sep 30, 2005
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Well at least they are up with the times :cool:

Old net addresses run out in US

North America has officially run out of its stock of old net addresses.

This week the American agency which oversees net addresses in the region gave out the last block of these vital net components.

It said companies in North America should now accelerate their move to the latest version of the net's addressing system.

Now Africa is the only region with any significant blocks of the older version 4 internet addresses available.

Watch for the rash of Nigerian e-mails offering get quick deals by trading in IPV4 addys :lol:


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Mar 5, 2002
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"So what does this mean for consumers? Well initially, not a lot. If the ISP has done its job correctly then the transition should be seamless, you simply won’t notice a difference except for now having both an IPv4 and IPv6 address attached to your connection."

I won't see any change, I have a ver 4 Hub. :lol:

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