BT Prep 80Mbps FTTC Service


Jan 31, 2005
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The BT Group has today released its latest financial results to 31st March 2011 (Q1), which reveal that the operator plans to double the speed of its superfast FTTC broadband service to 80Mbps in 2012 and should reach 100Mbps in the future. Meanwhile BT's Retail ISP base has grown by +162,000 net additions (down from +188k in Q4-2010) to reach a total of 5,691,000 broadband subscribers.

As for BT Retail's customer statistics for its newest FTTC (BT Infinity) 'up to' 40Mbps broadband service.. Firstly, to recap, BT Retail had 38,000 Infinity customers 6 months ago and was adding 4,000 new subscribers each week. It now has 144,000 Infinity subscribers and is adding 5,000 per week.

However, BT does reveal that it's so far spent £0.6bn of its £2.5bn fibre rollout budget until 2015. At present its FTTC service is passing 80,000 new premises every week and BT expects to reach 5 Million Homes sometime within the next few weeks, rising to 10 Million by 2012 as originally planned (40% of the country). This is in keeping with BT's timetable of reaching 66% or more of the UK with its FTTC and FTTP broadband services by 2015.

Good to know that the network is capable of handling much faster speeds, nice bit of future proofing...

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