BSOD error




I'm really struggling with this problem which i could do with solving ASAP.

I have recently replaced the motherboard and Processor on my system and
since then whenever i reboot to Windows (XP SP2) i get the following BSOD

0X0000007E(0XC0000005, 0XF60B8750, 0XF63A342C, 0XF63A3128). There are no
further errors beneath this. I can boot to safe mode no problem, and the only
thing that maybe a possible problem is the processor has gone from an Intel
to an AMD. I have tried KB article 953356 but to no avail

Please help!!



It has been my experience that motherboards are designed for either an Intel
or an AMD cpu not both - does yours really allow for an AMD to replace an

If the swap was legal then to 'fix' your problem you boot from the XP CD and
opt to do a 'Repair" install so that Windows detects the 'new' hardware and
installs the correct drivers.


The original poster replaced an Intel processor and motherboard with an AMC
processor and new motherboard.
Processor change
Motherboard change
Motherboard chipset change
BIOS change

This usually requires a full windows reinstall. I'm actually surprised that
the system can be brought up in safe mode. A repair install might be OK
since it will run in safe mode.
At the very least, the windows HAL module is now incorrect. In safe mode,
I'd copy/backup everything, including the registry,
And reinstall on a new HD to get the proper windows configuration
established. From there, with a heck of a lot of work, it may be possible
avoid a full reinstall of all applications. You end up locating the
registry entries for them in the old registry, and migrating them to the
new. (Among some other issues)
One problem is that the computer, due to the hardware change, has a new
"signature" that can come into play during a validation process, and may or
may not cause various problems.

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