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Mar 16, 2002
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I had been using Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7 for sometime now. Recently I decided to try other browsers just to see the difference and possibly choose the fastest and most convenient for my needs. I tried Mozilla, which I noticed was faster than both IE and Netscape. Opera is the latest browser which I tried.

I would like to share the results and details as follows:

Being an audiophile I regularly visit Andrew’s Hifi pages, which is one of the most detailed web pages that I have come across when it comes to audio and due to immense detail on the page it always takes time to load. I decided to use this very page for my test.

The results are as follows:

Internet Explorer 6 (with SP1) = 1m 35s
Netscape 7.02 = 1m 20s
Mozilla 1.3.1 = 1m 00s
Opera (7.11) = 0m 40s

Obviously my connection is not very fast but I would be very interested to know if others also get similar results. If you have a connection ten times faster, than you should get the times 1/10th of what I got and so on and so forth.

Here is the link to the Audio Website

In case you wish to try out a particular browser (other than the default IE) the link to the latest browsers is as follows:




Come back with your opinion if you do try it and find a particular one to be fast or convenient to use. Your feedback can help others!


May 3, 2002
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Interesting, I also decided to try this out on a few browsers.

Firebird (2003-05-29 build) - 8s 19ms
Firebird (2003-05-30 unofficial with aggressive optimizations) - 7s 74ms
Mozilla (1.4 RC1 nightly) - 7s 80ms
Opera (7.11) - 6s 18ms
IE6 SP1 - 5s 74ms

It seemed very odd to me that IE6 was the fastest, and I did the test several times. Keep in mind the cache was emptied before each test.

I was expecting Opera to be first with Firebird close behind. Hmmm...

In everyday use, Firebird still appears to be the fastest. I know Opera is technically faster, but it doesn't render a lot of things properly and I just despise the interface. Firebird has been my default browser for quite some time now.


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