Broken PC-domain trust, forget local admin password

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Tsimperdonis Konstantinos

I have something strange here !
I have a winXP Pro member of domain 2k.
BUT the PC - domain trust is brouken. I can see the computer in AD but I can
not manage it remotelyand I am informed that the trust between domain and
computer is broken.
I now need to gain access to manage the computer without formating it, so to
manage to unjoin and rejoin the PC from the domain.
The problem is that I dont know the local admin password !!!

I renamed the explorer.exe to logon.scr file (using an other PC), and I have
this system access.
I run the computer management mmc, but the reset password window does not
I run computer properties, but the network indedification boxes are gray.
I can run cmd and regedit

Can anybody help me to reset local admin password ?

Thank you in advanced

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