Bringing Sharepoint list data back online after working offline


Dale Fye

I've got an Access 2007 app that is using Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) lists as my
data store.

Some of my users are experiencing extreme latency issues, so I'm testing
allowing them to take the data offline, and then resynch later. Taking it
offline via a popup menu works great, and really speeds up the application.
I use

Docmd.runcommand acCmdToggleOffline

to take the data offline.

I'm still testing taking the data back on line, making sure the one-to-many
and many-to-many relationships that are built while offline make it back into
the lists appropriately, and the resolution of change conflicts. If anyone
can comment on their experiences in this area, I'd appreciate it.

My problem is that I have not been able to locate the appropriate runcommand
constant to put the data back online. So far, I have had to use the ribbons
bar to do this, but I generally hide the ribbon from my users. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


I set up a customer using the service as they were
geographically separated - - Sharepoint (or any web architecture) wasn't a
viable solution for them.

If I understand you correctly and you are sending the data to their local
site -for good local response time...then when you consolidate the data back
at the sharepoint one needs to be careful on the replication

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