Bound chart to ado recordset



I can bound forms to ado record set
I can bound bombo box to ado recordset
I can bound list box to ado recordset

I tried to folow the same logical that I used for list box but in charts
doesn't work.

Any sugestions?

PS. I'm usign adp in access 2003 vs sql server 2000





I'm sorry, is not a chart on the excel, is a chart on Ms Access 2003.
I would like to bound the row source to ADO Recordset.

Here you have an example tha I use in list box and it works

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Dim cnn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rec As ADODB.recordset
Set cnn = CurrentProject.Connection
Set rec = New ADODB.recordset
strSQL = "SELECT SatelliteID FROM A2_Satellites"
rec.Open strSQL, cnn
Debug.Print rec.RecordCount
Set Me!List0.recordset = rec
End Sub

Do you have suggestions?

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

I was offering an alternative that will work. I no longer use the charting
in Access, not because it doesn't work, but because the charting in Excel is
much richer.

There are more styles that are more easily prepared. I use code that saves
the chart as an image file and returns it to Access as an image. The code is
very quick, building the recordset, exporting it through automation, and
rendering the resulting image back to Access.

If you're interested, post back and I'll look for the code.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Free MS-Access downloads:


Off course I'm intersting,

Please, give me the code or and examples or sites with examples.

I know the chart in excel is much richer, so if a can show it as picture,
it's a solution.




Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Here's all the code you'll need. Builds a recordset, sends the data to an
Excel range, creates a graph image, sends it back to the Access form. All
the code is run from the Access form:

Private Sub cmdSubmitData_Click()
'© Arvin Meyer 2003 to 2006
'Permission granted for use as long as copyright is in tact

Dim appXL As Excel.Application
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
Dim wkb As Excel.Workbook
Dim wks As Excel.Worksheet
Dim rngCurr As Excel.Range
Dim chtXL As Excel.Chart
Dim strPath As String

On Error GoTo Error_Handler

' Open the current database and query
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("Select * from qryMyQuery Where ID =" &
Me.txtID, dbOpenSnapshot)

Set appXL = New Excel.Application
Set wkb = appXL.Workbooks.Open("C:\MyWorkbook.xls")
Set wks = wkb.Worksheets(1)
'appXL.Visible = True

With wks
'Create the Column Headings
.Cells(1, 1).Value = "ID"
.Cells(1, 2).Value = "FullMame"
.Cells(1, 3).Value = "StaffName"
.Cells(1, 4).Value = "L125"
.Cells(1, 5).Value = "L150"
.Cells(1, 6).Value = "L500"
.Cells(1, 7).Value = "L1000"
.Cells(1, 8).Value = "L2000"
.Cells(1, 9).Value = "L4000"
.Cells(1, 10).Value = "L8000"
.Cells(1, 11).Value = "R125"
.Cells(1, 12).Value = "R250"
.Cells(1, 13).Value = "R500"
.Cells(1, 14).Value = "R1000"
.Cells(1, 15).Value = "R2000"
.Cells(1, 16).Value = "R4000"
.Cells(1, 17).Value = "R8000"
.Cells(1, 18).Value = "DateField"
'Fill Values
.Cells(2, 1).Value = rst!ID
.Cells(2, 2).Value = rst!FullName
.Cells(2, 3).Value = rst!StaffName
.Cells(2, 4).Value = rst![ACL125]
.Cells(2, 5).Value = rst![ACL250]
.Cells(2, 6).Value = rst![ACL500]
.Cells(2, 7).Value = rst![ACL1000]
.Cells(2, 8).Value = rst![ACL2000]
.Cells(2, 9).Value = rst![ACL4000]
.Cells(2, 10).Value = rst![ACL8000]
.Cells(2, 11).Value = rst![ACR125]
.Cells(2, 12).Value = rst![ACR250]
.Cells(2, 13).Value = rst![ACR500]
.Cells(2, 14).Value = rst![ACR1000]
.Cells(2, 15).Value = rst![ACR2000]
.Cells(2, 16).Value = rst![ACR4000]
.Cells(2, 17).Value = rst![ACR8000]
.Cells(2, 18).Value = rst!DateField
End With


strPath = "C:\Images\FileName" & wks.Cells(2, 1) & ".gif"

' Build a GIF image from the Excel chart
If FileExists(strPath) Then
Kill strPath
End If

Set chtXL = wks.ChartObjects(2).Chart
chtXL.Export FileName:=strPath, FilterName:="GIF"


'Rebuild the image on the form
FillGraph (strPath)

wkb.Close xlDoNotSaveChanges
Set wkb = Nothing
Set appXL = Nothing
Set rst = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
Resume Exit_Here

End Sub

Private Sub FillGraph(strPath As String)
If FileExists(strPath) = True Then
Me.imgControlName.Picture = strPath
Me.imgControlName.Picture = "C:\Images\NoImage.gif"
End If
End Sub

Public Function FileExists(strPath As String) As Integer
On Error Resume Next

Dim intLen As Integer

intLen = Len(Dir(strPath))

FileExists = (Not Err And intLen > 0)

End Function
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Free MS-Access downloads:


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