Bootup problem


Paul Smith

hi all! i have a query. i cloned a hdd from ide to SATA. now when i replaced
the ide with the exact copy on the SATA drive a blue screen is coming up
after POST giving 0x0000007B. I tried chkdsk, fixmbr, fixboot to no avail
keeps poppin up....any help? tnx!

i know its something to do with SATA driver??


Malke said:
Paul Smith wrote:

(snip multipost)

Asked and answered in the other newsgroup to which you posted. Please
multipost; it makes more work for everyone and will get you *less* help,
not more. See this for why: - multiposting

If you have forgotten where you posted or can't find your post, use Google
Groups Advanced Search and search for your name.

Elephant Boy Computers
Don't Panic!

I rummaged through Google Groups and could only find this thread !
....I would have been interested in reading his post, particularly the
answers, because a year or so ago, I imaged my boot drive from IDE to SATA
hd, and can remeber asking in NG? what to look out for, I think I had no
problems, and didn't have to do anything "special" i.e. didn't have to use
3rd party SATA drivers supplied with Motherboard, ...or did I ?? ....I
think that all was included in XP Home SP2-at that time.
....anyhooo ...the thread that you mention would probably have been a
refresher on the subject ?

regards, Richard

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